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Welcome to The nw-b5 homepage

A web page for Babylon 5 in the Lower Mainland,
Vancouver Island, and Northern Washington. Below find details on our mailing list. We provide a network for friends etc and occasionally get together for functions at local coffee shops.

We'd appreciate any comments you could make about this page, what should be on it or what it should look like. Please submit your comments here.

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  1. 10/05/2014 - We are going to hold a screening of some key Season 1 and 2 eps at:
    Venue: Cafe La Fontana
    Where: Boundary & Hastings, Burnaby, BC
    When: Saturday, November 1st, 2014 at 16:00 (4:00PM) until 10:00PM.

    RSVP: nw-b5@intergate.ca so I can get a handle on numbers. And yes, bring friends not subscribed!

  2. 06/14/2006 - Babylon 5 the Lost Tales streets July 31st. Currently, nw-b5is in talks host a table at a local upocoming convention slated for late July. Obviously, with the street date to Lost Tales fast approaching, a Gathering or viewing party will take place around that time as well. Check back here from time to time for the details.

  3. 10/04/2005 - nw-b5 presents its Hospitality Suite and Viewing Room at V-Con 30, Oct.7-9, 2005. Highlights include the Post-B5 Panel reception from 1800-2000 and the viewings from 2000 to 0100 on the Friday and 1800-2400 or later on the Saturday and a Special Showing of Objects at Rest and Sleeping in Light on Sunday at 09:30. A special screening of the unaired Global Frequency Pilot which jms was involved with will be held on the Friday at 2000. The Post-Panel Reception is open to all panel attendees, panelists, and listmembers. The viewings are open to everyone at V-Con. Hope to see you all there.

  4. 04/12/2005 - nw-b5 Gathering Reports are up for our February 19th and April 9th Stargate:Atlantis Gatherings including a crowd shot. Special thanks to Mel, Mike, Dennis and John who helped organize these. Many thanks to the people who brought food. nw-b5 still maintains its reputation of being ahead in its local market from regular cable distribution when it comes to showing great SF TV shows to its membership.

  5. 06/04/01 - nw-b5 Media Liaison and Information Coordinator, Dennis Kristos' Official JMS Gathering report is up. More Photos will be added as they are sent to us.

  6. 05/30/01 - List member Monica Hubinette has put up pictures on her site. nw-b5 will post more links as people send them to us. nw-b5 is also looking for contributions from anyone who attended. You can email them to us.

  7. 05/30/01 - On May 27th, 2001, nw-b5 was blessed with the presence of the Great Maker himself at our May 2001 Gathering at Simon Fraser University. Shown were the intro music video, the blooper reel, and A FIRST - test footage of the new movie! nw-b5 saw it first and it was deadly. JMS also introduced the new B5LR cast to the world at the Gathering with 7 of 8 cast members showing up for a Q&A and autograph section.

  8. 05/01/01 - Effective today, the nw-b5 Mailing List is moving to Yahoo! Groups. This may be a temporary move as someone on the list has volunteered to host it locally. However, nw-b5-info is gone. From now on I will only maintain one subscriber base. Please visit the nw-b5 subscription page that has been set up there for all subscription/unsubscription info.

  9. 04/13/01 - The production office has been established in Vancouver. Set construction is under way. The new series is Called B5: The Legend of the Rangers. Plans are to do a movie, miniseries, then full blown series. A website has been established to promote all things B5LR. They are at http://www.b5lr.com . There is also a B5LR mailing list at Yahoogroups you can subscribe to.

  10. 03/15/01 - nw-b5 gathered for the first time in 2 years on Feb.24 and March 3 to watch the next best thing on TV to B5 - The Dune Miniseries. It puts the Lynch film to shame. Locale was the new CR2K which succeeded Caffe Azzurri. This represents a step away just from things B5.

  11. 05/27/99 - nw-b5 had a well established presence at V-Con 24 with a table right near registration. Dennis Kristos moderated a very informative panel about the Crusade situation and brought to everyone's attention the need to increase awareness about this on both sides of the border. Bottom line: everyone has to write. See the petitions below.

  12. 12/18/98 - 250 people showed up for our Final Season 5 Gathering. Many tears were shed at the episodes as this masterpiece of modern television comes to a close. Trevor Bradley also said good-bye to nw-b5. Details can be found here.

  13. 12/06/98 - A post from webmaster John Francis outlining the history of nw-b5.

  14. 01/14/98 - The Vancouver Province Newspaper did a major article on the plight of B5 in the BC Lower Mainland area and nw-b5 on Tuesday, December 23rd, 1997. Click here to see the web version of the article.

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