Craig Bowlsby, Writer/Producer, Commander Craig-Scott, bfa, ubcp-actra

Craig wrote and produced a made for TV Sherlock Holmes murder mystery (1993-4) called, "The Hound of London." This starred Patrick Macnee of "The Avengers" television series. This show was sold in Canada (Global, City-TV CFCF), Ireland, Indonesia, as well as other small locations. It is routinely pirated and shown on French television every summer.

Craig wrote and produced a 6 minute 16 millimetre short called "Continuity" (2001), which was showcased at the National Screen Institute Film Festival in Winnipeg, and the Canadian Film Centre's Short Film Festival in Toronto. "We are treated to an inspired take on film form, reality and imagination." NSI

Craig has also written many stage plays, including "Mutiny on the Minsk" which was produced by the Vagabond Players (New Westminster 1994). One of his plays, "Sticking Up is Hard To Do" (1996) was directed by Don S. Williams, the former President of the Director's Guild of Canada, and former Producer/Director of the Beachcombers television show.

Craig has also taken on the roles of Art Director and Production Designer for the first six episodes.

Craig was five time Western Canadian Fencing Champion (Foil).